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Quick Release Aluminum Carabiner on Lanyard

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Introducing the Quick Release Aluminum Carabiner on Lanyard by Booms Fishing—a versatile and reliable tool for your outdoor adventures. Crafted with lightweight yet durable aluminum, this carabiner is built to withstand the rigors of climbing, fishing, hiking, and more.

The quick-release mechanism ensures effortless attachment and detachment, allowing for swift and convenient use. Paired with a sturdy lanyard, this carabiner provides added security for your essential gear, keeping it within easy reach at all times.

Whether you're scaling a rock face, casting your line, or exploring the wilderness, trust Booms Fishing to keep your equipment secure with their Quick Release Aluminum Carabiner on Lanyard.


Brand Name: Booms Fishing
Size: 160 cm / 3.5kg
Material: TPU & 304 wire
Type: Retention Rope
magnetic strength: 2.0kg /4.5lb
lanyard tension: 6.8kg / 15lb
suggest for: fishing tools / landing net
shell: plastic